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Jetski - My wife and I had a lot of fun driving the jetskis. We had booked a jetski excursion a few years ago when we were on a cruse so we thought that this was going to be more of a tour on jetskis but to our surprise it wasn't at all. The Martinique jetski excursion consisted of a quick tutorial and 15 minutes of doing whatever we wanted and going as fast as we wanted by ourselves. My only complaint was that I forgot to take my GoPro because the view of the island and mount pelee were amazing. I also wish we decided to do 30 minutes instead of 15...

The Pettersons

Dolphin Watch - My wife and I loved the dolphin watch, it was by far our favorite Martinique Excursion. We saw hundreds of dolphins gliding in front of the boat and jumping all around us, it was truly amazing and an experience we will never forget. We also saw a cool bat cave and got to snorkel with sea turtles in one of the most picturesque places on the entire island. Our experience on this excursion was great but Tibo our captain and guide of the Aquamana (the boat we were on) made it that much better. Tibo was extremely kind and knowledgeable about all of the marine life, you could tell that he loved what he did and really cared about the marine life. If we end up going back to Martinique, we will definitely do this excursion again.

Ryan & Jackie.

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