Pack your suitcase and your backpack! Have you been considering taking a vacation and want to go somewhere with the most picturesque views and an amazing night life? One of the best islands to visit in the Caribbean is Martinique. Who doesn't like to enjoy fine French dining, Creole cuisine, and luxury products while having an exciting and wonderful experience ? This is the place to come and enjoy the finer things that life has to offer, and it's only a hop, skip and a jump away from North America. Be whisked away by the gorgeous views, extraordinary climate, white sand beaches, and enjoy the tropical rain forests on a more personal level. Once called the 'Island of Flowers' Columbus really stumbled onto a gem when he found Martinique. You can see the French influence throughout the entire island as the Caribbean is still a territory of France to this day.


Travelers are now looking to get an experience when they travel. While the dolce far niente – the sweetness of doing nothing – is still in style for some travelers, others are looking for an adventurous experience.If you have been looking for a Tropical Island getaway that is deeply rich in culture that provides exciting experiences and amazing weather year round, Martinique is the right choice for you. Whether you are the adventurous type, or the beach lover that can't get enough sun and sand, you will thoroughly enjoy the gorgeous scenery and millions of exciting activities for anyone of any age group.


There aren't that many beaches located in the Caribbean that won't have you pondering life, trying to figure out how to give up your daily life and just move to the beach. Depending on which part of the island you travel to, you can enjoy all types of different beaches. Some people haven't truly seen black and/or white sand beaches before, but here we have them both. The black sand is volcanic ash from Mont Pelé; which is the northern part of the island.The further south you go the whiter the sand becomes. The white sand between your toes, water temperatures so comforting that you'll never want to leave, and gorgeous sunsets and tans aren't the only things to enjoy around Martinique. Perhaps you have always wanted to go parasailing, swimming with all of the beautiful Caribbean fish and sea turtles, or do some scuba diving. How often have you been able to follow behind a school of dolphins in a boat while they play around in their natural habitat? You now have an opportunity to do just that. Enjoy watching entire pods of dolphins swimming and diving in the water around you. Additionally, there are several amazing restaurants right on the beach where you can enjoy your meal and some spirits with your feet dangling in the warm ocean. If you are more interested in just soaking up the sun, you can enjoy a nice massage in your lounge chair right on the beach. Of course there are so many more activities that you can enjoy on the beach as well, like building that sand castle that you always dreamed of, or a moat around your kids, play Frisbee and volleyball in the sand – anything you can think of doing on a nice day on the beach is readily available to you here in Martinique.


The question really should be – what cannot I enjoy in Martinique because there is so much stuff to do around this gorgeous island. Just being able to see the beautiful surroundings is a great start, but anything from hiking, to surfing, parasailing, to learning about Martinique history can be done on this island. Since the water that surrounds the island is so nice year round, you and your family can enjoy learning about the different sea life by snorkeling and diving. Have you ever swum with Caribbean fish or sea turtles? There are many beautiful sea animals in the Caribbean that you don't really get to appreciate until you come here. The magnificent colors of the fish are extraordinary. You can check out the sea stars and all of the beautiful shells lying on the beaches. Perhaps you would love to take a nice boat ride and watch dolphins swim around in their natural habitat. There is much to enjoy in this natural wonderland


Visiting Martinique could be a romantic getaway or the best family vacation that you have ever experienced. From fine dining to lots of fun activities, there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Check out the calendar line up of all of the different attractions and local events that occur throughout the year!


Check out the villas and bungalows that can be rented in the area whether you want to be right on the beach or in town. One thing that you will realize and absolutely appreciate on this trip is that you are surrounded by beautiful and lush vegetation, allowing you to be closer with the natural beauty of the area. Many of the bungalows and villas are located within walking distance from shops and restaurants, or spas if you want to go pamper yourself with a massage.


Some of the best ways to travel the island is by car, taxi, coach buses, so you can sit back and actually enjoy the sites rather than focusing on your driving. There are several tour guides available that will gladly take you around Martinique. If you aren't going to be travelling far from your resort, walking is no problem. With many shops and restaurants close by, you can enjoy the gorgeous weather and get some exercise on your tropical getaway! No matter what you are really into, Martinique can easily accommodate. From the little shops and fine dining, to some of the most amazing sights you have ever seen – there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy here that they will remember for the rest of their lives.


There is a wide variety of different tours to choose from as well. Whether you are looking to discover the volcanoes on accompanying islands or just take a quick tour around the main island so you can sit and soak up the culture, you will never be left hanging in Martinique. Martinique is known for their amazing French cuisine and it is honestly like traveling to another world while still being very close to home.


Many people quickly fall in love with Martinique because the climate is just absolutely gorgeous year round. While there are some slight temperature fluctuations, it is very consistently tropical, warm and sunny! Whether you decide to come during your summer vacation, your spring vacation or to escape the cold winter of your country, Martinique welcomes you. Come during the summer time or to escape the cold weather from other areas during the winter time, Martinique will welcome you with open arms. Depending on the time of year that you do want to travel to Martinique, you may find that in late November to mid-December, and May to June there are fewer vacationers and tourist in the area. This may be an ideal time to come if you like to enjoy the beauty of Martinique in between the high tourism period.


Summer time in Martinique is amazing, and this is a great place to come during a summer break, especially for the kids. They can run around and play on the beaches and learn so much about the tropics that they will be talking about Martinique for many years to come. The temperatures do rise in the summer time but how can you beat a Caribbean getaway?


The busiest time to travel to Martinique would be during December through April, and for good reasoning too. The weather temperatures are beautiful and the sun is out. During the rest of the year, Martinique is pretty quiet though and if you are looking for that type of getaway, there is no reason not to visit Martinique when tourism is at a lull. With amazingly affordable travel packages, the same beauty still stands during the other months of the year. The people of Martinique love to share their culture with anyone who makes a trip to their island, always welcoming them to the beautiful place that they get to call home.


One of the biggest things that we can offer you is authenticity. You will truly understand life in the tropics by staying in a bungalow, completely surrounded by nature. You don't have to hear the hustle and bustle of busy streets, rather just the crashing of ocean waves and soaking up the warmth of the sun. This is the perfect opportunity to actually unwind and learn about another culture, a different world, as well as enjoy a change of pace in life. So rich with beauty, the people from Martinique love to show people what their island is all about. There are several fun events to enjoy and you can really take a step into another world.


Those who come to Martinique often times don't ever want to leave because they fall in love and thoroughly enjoy living here. For exotic and cultural adventures, this is your place, and depending on what activities you like to do you can enjoy the several festivals that take place yearly. Inspired by French, African and Latin American cultures, you can really see what living is like in the Caribbean. The Carnival Parade and Festival is a blast, and during that time of year you can enjoy the music and numerous parades that go throughout the villages of Martinique.

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